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Kid's ATVs & Four Wheelers

The Import Power Sports Youth ATVs are hand selected for you by our experienced team of ATV enthusiasts. Each ATV is designed with safety in mind and offers a 4-Point Safety System, which includes a throttle limiter, an emergency kill switch, a safety kill tether, and a remote kill key fob. Not only are our youth ATVs safe, they come with a reliable 4 stroke engine, Head & Taillights, electric start and disc brakes.

Have a blast, don't forget your Helmet and enjoy the ride with an Import Power Sports ATV

Everyone else has the same looking products? Yes, you will see many products that look very similar. The reason for this is that there are only a couple of manufacturers that make the bodies, andthese manufacturers sell their bodies to several ATV manufacturers. Although many look the same, they may not be (looks can be deceiving). The quality difference will be in the components underneath the body. The Frame, Suspension, Engine, and Drive Train.Many Internet companies will sell at a cheaper price because they are selling an ATV of a lesser quality. You do get what you pay for.

At Import Power Sports, we buy directly from the manufacturer and are in constant contact with the manufacturer to ensure that we can offer the best quality ATV at a competitive price. (The quality of our products is the difference.)

Christmas is an important time of year so don't make the mistake of going with the Cheapest Price ATV for that perfect gift. Companies can come out of nowhere during Christmas and take your money and ruin your holiday. We have been in business over 6 years and have thousands of Happy Customers.

We will also be there after the sale to offer you parts & service on your purchase at our shop located in Winston Salem NC.

Scorpion Products has been in business for 6 years and going strong. Why is this important? Because many Internet companies sprout up overnight to take your money and run after the New Year, never to be heard from again. We know this because we're usually the one's getting the phone calls after Christmas asking for help with competitor's units.

Why should you buy from Import Power Sports?

Because we do not sell ATVs over the Internet. We are a local company selling to local customers. Our web site is strictly for product review and information purposes. We conduct all our sales face to face; when you buy from us you will purchase the ATV of your choice and color. The ATV will be fully assembled by our professional & experienced staff and ready to ride when you pick it up. You will not receive your ATV in a Crate that will have to be assembled and hope that the right model and color was shipped.

Do you have parts for the products you sell?

Yes. We are currently working on an on-line parts page where you can order the replacement parts directly from the web site. In the mean time, just give us a call and we will handle your parts request over the phone.